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Yannick Tossing is a luxembourgish artist, born February 21, 1994 in Luxembourg. He holds a bachelor’s degree and a research master’s degree in visual arts from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Strasbourg. It was during these master’s years that he found a real subject in his work, drawing inspiration from a case of Huntington’s disease in his family. During this research on the disease, he dealt intensely with the subject in his works. He began to exhibit these sculptures and installations in certain places in Luxembourg and Strasbourg. Part of his artistic work was an intense observation of human everyday life.
After his stay at the University of Strasbourg, he completed a one-year Masters in Comparative Arts and Media Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In addition to his studies, he collaborated with the urban art gallery Kamellebuttek in Esch-sur-Alzette, with the artists Raphael Gindt and Daniel MAC Lloyd and with various art galleries in Amsterdam such as Viola Winokan Fine Arts, Jesse Faber Gallery and Galerie Bart, working as an artist, drawing teacher and giving workshops to people of all ages and from all social backgrounds.

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