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huntington series.

My research aims to question the ability of sculpture to suggest physical and mental disability through transformation, or even deformation on everyday objects and their functionality. The influence of my personal life is a source to enrich my research and to complete the sculptures so that it is not a mere illustrative representation. The primary source of inspiration comes from the observation of a Huntington Disease patient. The main problem could be expressed in a question as follows: 

How can a sculptural artistic practice interrogate a psychic pathology?

So how to create a link between manipulation and pathology? My research is strongly oriented towards surrealist studies with their paranoid-critical method, why I arrived at the creation of "psychological" objects to represent the disease. This research is based on personal observations, accompanied by analysis of pathology and its symptoms. The artworks consist of a mix between everyday objects, which are manipulated and deformed, in combination with ABS plastic sculptures, created with a 3D pen.

These artistic creations aim to represent the difficult and different perception of our lives as a person with a disease. Terms such as "constraint", "limitation" or "impairment" are of utmost importance in the creation of these works. These elements are transformed to a point where the utility of the primary tool is more and more challenging until the total loss of its primary function. The limitation was defined as a reference in the definition of the sick person and the failure of their motor skills.

the story of failing again and again.

Video, 01min 31sec, 1080x1920 pixels

This video, which seems like documentation, underlines aspects like frustration, intimacy, and the abnormal. Those are visible by the repetition of failures. The character constantly fails to fulfill normal everyday movements
. Impatience takes place looking at someone who almost always gets the job done but doesn't fully succeed. This is also due to the deformation of the objects, canceling their primary function. Another element is the random switching of videos. It turns everything into a kind of pathological language. The work is purported to represent the impact of Huntington's disease on the daily life of the affected person and those around them.

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